대일(주) - Company in 부산시, 대한민국 - Allbiz
    대일(주) - Company in 부산시, 대한민국 - Allbiz
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    대일(주) - Company in 부산시, 대한민국 - Allbiz

    대일(주), 부산시제조 업체

    대일(주), 부산시
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    Сompany address: 부산시, 대한민국
    부산광역시 기장군 정관면 달산리 1069-5
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    기업정보 대일(주)

    Greetings! Daeil is a Korean leading small-to-medium sized manufacturer of cooling devices. Since 1984 the company has enjoyed an outstanding reputation in the domestic market for its high-quality, long-lasting commercial chillers. Our aquarium and commercial chillers have been exported worldwide to destinations such as theU.S.A., Japan, Australia, the rest of East Asia and the Middle East. Deail’s success in the global market is due to the appreciable difference in the quality-of its products compared to the competition. By combining its accomplished R&D resources with state-of the-art production facilities and accumulated production expertise, Daeil not only produces top-quality cooling devices,but also continuously improves them through customer feedback. Furthermore,it is an embedded part of company policy to respond to changes in the world chiller market by developing new products, among them, industrial chillers, marine air conditioners, portable air conditioners and the Live-Con brand of refrigeration containers, which enables the economic and efficient trans-ocean shipment of large quantities of live-fish. Daeil’s customer-focused management plus its uncompromising drive to develop world-best technology in the sector of cooling devices have led the company to becoming one of the top manufacturers in the global market. Thank you.
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