태광산업사 - Company in 부산시, 대한민국 - Allbiz
    태광산업사 - Company in 부산시, 대한민국 - Allbiz
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    태광산업사 - Company in 부산시, 대한민국 - Allbiz

    태광산업사, 부산시제조 업체

    태광산업사, 부산시
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    Сompany address: 부산시, 대한민국
    부산 강서구 송정동 1610-14
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    Greetings! As Taegwang industry has been manufacturing and designing various types of heat exchangers such as sheel & tube type, and air cooler for industrial & ship use since its establishment in Jan. 10th; 1992, it has developed the high performance heat exchanger for special use such as oil cooler, air inter cooler, after cooler, reduction gear oil cooler since the last half of 1994. Its products have been reconized as the best one while being manufactured through the best manufacturing technology. The brazing technology and facilities are the best one in Korea. Its high-performance braze-type heat exchanger has been delivered to a number of domestic companies while its quality is more excellent than that of the exotic products. Its all employees promise that we will concentrate our all efforts in developing the new technology and products and compensate for your patronage with its best products. All employees of Taegwang industry.
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