Uwon Marine, Ltd - Company in 부산시, 대한민국 - Allbiz
    Uwon Marine, Ltd - Company in 부산시, 대한민국 - Allbiz
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    Uwon Marine, Ltd - Company in 부산시, 대한민국 - Allbiz

    Uwon Marine, Ltd, 부산시

    Uwon Marine, Ltd, 부산시
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    Сompany address: 부산시, 대한민국
    287 Gupyung-dong, Saha-gu, Busan
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    기업정보 Uwon Marine, Ltd

    UWON is a leading manufacturer specialized in longline fishing equipment in Korea. It manufactures swivel lines, rope longline, stainless steel swivel, and fishing hook products, and exports the products to Europe, North America, South America, and, Oceania. UWON's longline fishing products are manufactured using polyester ropes; all the processes are implemented through production automation and rigorous quality control for global customers. UWON's products enhance product durability and delay the replacement period, which helps reducing costs. The products increase the amount of fish catches, offering a great result for customers in terms of increasing customers' revenue and win-win growth with UWON. Thank you.
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